Thank You For Your Feedback Request

Thank You For Your Feedback Request

This page was last updated Aug. 19, 2021.

Note that the message address contacts below are for TEXT graphics, HTML links, etc. Also, the addresses noted will NOT work as a ''traditional email address''...and they are also spam filtered.

If you wish to contact me, please be patient on a reply. Also, if your message is detected as spam, your ISP and email, which are both TRACED and LOGGED, will be BLACKLISTED and REPORTED to several anti-spam clearinghouses...including (among others)...Spam Assassin, Spamhaus, Blackholes Mail Abuse, ListDSBL, BLCSMA, Possible Suriel, CBL Abuse, ORDB, and SpamCop. Also, my main email provider has built-in spam utilities that will delete any spam related messages, and my BBS has Spam Assassin, in place.

In short, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE in sending spam. Message content is LIMITED to topics relating to website topics, or The Thunderbolt BBS. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

1) If you're logged in as a valid user on the QRZ ham radio website, you can view my email address. Without an actual logon, you can view information on what I do in amateur radio here. However, the latter option will NOT show the email address.

2) Licensed Amateur Radio Operators can send me a message on D-Rats. If you don't see the WX4QZ station online, please try again later. I am usually connected to the St. Tammany Ratflector...but may connect elsewhere if that Ratflector isn't available. I am also available via Winlink 2000, and via Packet Radio to WX4QZ@NS2B.#WNY.NY.USA.NOAM -- note that if this is sent by any other means EXCEPT a packet radio program, such as Outpost Packet Manager, it will BOUNCE AS UNDELIVERABLE. If one has HamShack Hotline, I can be reached at 4848. If there's no response, I may be offline due to thunderstorms, power, or internet issues. I also have Echolink working again, but I normally am on it only for nets that I check into, or for a sked request.

3) I am part of several groups on Facebook. However, I do NOT have a Friends List, per se...and I have it set to where with the Fluff Busting Purity web browser add-on, I don't have to deal with all the extra ads, etc. that Facebook puts out...and I rarely respond to messages via Facebook Messenger. The only time I'm on there now is for the Ham Radio Traffic Nets that I run during the week.

4) For those just wishing to leave Feedback, please fill out this form. You'll need JavaScript in your browser to see the form.

In all cases, SpamAssassin is in place, as well as a list of blocked countries with PeerBlock. If your message is detected as SPAM, it will be AUTOMATICALLY DELETED without comment, and your IP Address will be PERMANENTLY BLOCKED.

Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, Webmaster

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