Weiner Dogs

Weiner Dogs

Fritz with his sexy shirt Slinky wants his Loofa Dog


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Over the years, I've developed a fondness for dachshunds, also known as ''weenie dogs'' or ''weiner dogs'', as they look like a hot dog with legs.

For the Eukanuba overview of the breed, click here. For the Animal Planet overview of the breed, click here. For a look at Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund...guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, and a laugh to your day... click here. He has numerous videos on YouTube and groups on Facebook. And, for the poem I wrote in tribute to Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund, click here.

When I got married in 2003, my wife Janice had a weiner dog named ''Fritz''. He thought he was ''too sexy for his shirt''...but he was too fat...yet he loved ''belly rubs''. But, he literally ''turned up his nose, and walked off'', after discovering that a dish of green beans she made for him wasn't salted!! As a side note, you do NOT want to give a dog chocolate IN ANY FORM!! The cocoa in the chocolate...especially bakers chocolate...is ''poison'' to the dog, and it will kill them!!

Sadly, we had to have Fritz humanely euthanized in late August, 2005. He had become diabetic, insulin resistant, his excretory system was failing, and he went blind from glaucoma and cataracts. Diabetes is quite common in older dogs, no matter what the breed.

However, we were able to capture a few pictures of Fritz while he was still with us...and we obtained a new weiner dog named ''Slinky'', 3 months after Fritz was put down. Slinky always loved the Loofa Dog...destroying them in under an hour!! To see the PetsMart Commercial with ''Bobo, The Loofa Dog... and Buddy, the brown dachshund, click here. I understand that the animals used in the PetsMart commercials are all rescue dogs...basically, they were in a situation where they were the victim of animal cruelty from their former owner...and they were nursed back to health.

Unfortunately, due to the sudden, and untimely death of my wife, Janice, on April 27, 2007...I was forced to ''re-home'' Slinky...as I could no longer afford to care for him, or deal with him and the funeral arrangements of my late wife. Sadly, I'm afraid that I won't be able to have another dog, because of strict requirements on pets where I live.

Anyway, here are a few of the photos we got of Fritz and Slinky, with ''their thoughts'' on the situations. While Fritz was reddish brown, Slinky was black and tan, with silver dapple...we understand the dapple rarely occurs...in only one out of one hundred whelpings. Just scroll down to see the pictures.

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Here are more of Fritz' and Slinkys' ''thoughts'' from left to right:

1) Fritz on our wedding day, before we left for the church (for details, click here).

2) ''Where's my driver? I wanna ride!'' -- Fritz loved riding on my wife's scooter.

3) ''If you go outside, I go with you!'' -- Fritz always loved to go for a walk.

4) ''Please pay the Guard Dog to use the toilet. Bun Wad (toilet paper) and underpads are not cheap''. Fritz loved to sleep on the underpads we had on the floor for him.

5) ''This is what you get for not paying the Guard Dog Toilet Usage Fee!!'' The first night we brought Slinky home, he decided my underwear (while I was on the toilet) was a nice warm bed. That proves that dachshunds have both personality and attitude!!

6) ''What are you looking at??''. Slinky laying on my lap as I reclined on our Futon.

7) ''Give me my sock snake now!!''. Slinky wanting his sock snake.

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