A Tribute To The NSDC

A Tribute To The NSDC

A Tribute To The NSDC


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2024 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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A Tribute To The NSDC

''A Tribute To The NSDC''

For Ted and Tonia Hofmeister, Chairman, 2025 NSDC, And For all who've ever attended, or worked with The National Square Dance Convention (R).

Written By Daryl Stout, Editor, Webmaster, Circulation Chairman, Arkansas State Square Dance Federation

Note: Updated, as the publication of National Squares Online is published each month, except for June and July. June is the month of the current NSDC, and July is the month before first release of info on the next NSDC...and for the first NSDC was in 1952. It is published in the interest of the National Square Dance Convention (R).

1) The National Square Dance Convention (R), or NSDC.
Four days of dancing, workshops, fun; so much there, to see.
Known to all as ''The World's Greatest Square Dancing Event''.
But this poem can't fully tell, what it represents.

2) Though dancing in four days before, June's last Saturday.
In a US city there; much more work, in play.
Planning starts there several years, before a bid is made.
Quite a lot of planning, work; there to make the grade.

3) Chairman couples who did lead, past NSDC.
National Executive Committee, NEC.
Into regions of the country, to review and guide.
So, the event will be a matter, of hard work, and pride.

4) A dancing group that's headed by a married couple there.
To oversee the ton of work; to be done, with care.
Facilities for dancing, transportation, lodging, too.
All evaluated there, process of review.

5) All the work is volunteer, for the hobby's good.
So event can be successful; as all work, there should.
With promotion from convention bureau in that town.
It's the dancers working there, activities abound.

6) Four years out when dancing group, wants there, to be host.
''The World's Greatest Dance Event''; inland, or on coast.
A bid presentation done, at NSDC.
Carefully reviewed there by, all with the NEC.

7) Then, at the closing ceremonies, on Saturday night.
Announcing of the winning city, suspense is so tight.
For the winning city there, work really now begins.
So much to do now to prepare, that it makes one's head spin!!

8) Fund raising dances, promotions, and the souvenirs.
For the costs to pay the bills, not get in arrears.
Local, state, and regional, clubs, work in the task.
Many workers needed there; so many things, to ask.

9) Early Bird pre-registrations, with seed money, there.
Saves cost for the registrants, in fun that they'll share.
These revenues, they also do, pay the bills, incurred.
An event to be proud of, that's what is preferred.

10) Then, just over one year out, the Pre-Convention Dance.
A sampling of what is in store; all planned, not by chance.
Besides the dancing, the chance to, get involved, and serve.
To stay there on event path; and not off it, swerve.

11) Not limited to Square Dancing, for its activities.
Other forms of dancing, too; which are sure to please.
Round Dancing, Contra Dancing there, Line Dancing exists.
Even Handicapable; you won't want to miss.

12) Then, you have the seminars, workshops, and the forums.
To learn of things in this great hobby, taking it by storm.
Parade Of States, the Fashion Show, The Wednesday Night Event.
Just like Christmas morning there, with gifts and presents.

13) Showcase Of Ideas there, displays from all around.
Information on that state, souveniers abound.
Items that one can collect, from countries and from states.
Things that visitors can see, tourism so great.

14) Whether single, married there; whether young or old.
You'll find so much there to see, so much to behold.
The pinnacle of dancing life, in this hobby grand.
Of fellowship and yellowrocks, dancers from all lands.

15) Callers, cuers, prompters, and instructors will attend.
Strangers that you haven't met, become new found friends.
Reunion of so many folks, last for many years.
You'll hate when it's time to go home, and may shed some tears.

16) More information is there in National Squares Online.
Published ten months of the year; info is so fine.
All you'd want to know there from next NSDC.
Once there, the hardest choice to make, is what next, to see.

17) One thing not to overlook; issue of safety.
Don't overdo it, know your limits; do all carefully.
First Aid for those who do too much, and not take a break.
Ignoring how you feel there; a bad choice, to make.

18) Before convention, Callers School, they make each dancing fun.
Whether there for many squares, or at dance, just one.
Pre and Post Convention tours, to destinations wide.
Fun there not just in the hall, but on the outside.

19) Then there, a dance syllabus, and the program guide.
For all things of the event, so much there, inside.
In some cases, a bus pass, from lodging to the halls.
No fighting of the traffic there, or vehicles, to stall.

20) Where you spend your dancing time, that's yours to decide.
A map of facilities, and dance halls, inside.
Don't feel obligated to, just stay in one hall.
Look to see what's offered there; though you can't see it all.

21) The ceremonies opening, start Wednesday afternoon.
To the sounds of hoedown music, with its joyful tune.
The Wednesday Night Dinner, Snow...before the dancing starts.
The entertainment planned for those, who've come there, to take part.

22) Then, three days activities, from morning into night.
After breakfast, dancing through, almost till midnight.
Though some halls take dinner breaks, most there go, non-stop.
No matter your dance level there, you'll feel like you're on top.

23) Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, Challenge, DBD.
All part of the square dancing, there that you can see.
Patter calls and singing calls, or teaching workshops, there.
To refresh your memory; or new calls, learn, prepare.

24) All calls are done in English there, no matter where you go.
For some dancers, it's the only, English that they know.
Whether told to go Red Hot, or then, go Ice Cold.
Reach out and touch your partner there, with your hand, to hold.

25) Round Dancing phases run the gamut, phases one through six.
Apart Point, Together Touch, so much one can't nix.
No matter where you may there dance, here upon the Earth.
You can't put a value on, what the hobby's worth.

26) Showcase Of Rounds, to watch these dancers, there upon display.
NSDC Archives, and events of yesterday.
Clinics at the dancing levels; with hex, progressive squares.
If under 18, A Youth Hall; with their friends, to share.

27) Then, the vendors, who are selling, dancing goods and wares.
For you can't imagine all, the stuff you will see there.
Outfits and accessories, you won't believe your eyes.
Everything that's offered there, surely to surprise.

28) Then of course, all dancing does, work up an appetite.
Plenty of food options there, from morning into night.
But, alcoholic beverages, none are there, allowed.
This is event for young and old, families in the crowd.

29) If dancing all day into evening, you want more to do.
The After Parties, in the halls, with more fun to view.
Or go back to your hotel, or camping for the night.
To start it all once again, there at morning light.

30) For many folks, the yearly trip, to this fancy place.
By car, bus, train, plane, they travel; in vacation space.
Besides, the dancing, there are tours, offered there, to see.
For what the city, state, offers; in its history.

31) So many things there one can do, things that one can find.
The spectrum of all what is there, surely blows the mind.
Attendance varies widely there, whether great or small.
You'll find so much fun exists, in the dancing hall.

32) But, just as quickly as it starts, it's time for it to end.
Yet, you'll cherish memories, of your new found friends.
Whether dancers, callers, cuers, all hope again, to see.
Making plans for the next year's great NSDC.

33) From its humble start back there in Nineteen Fifty-Two.
Whether you've attended several, or first one to do.
Experience it for yourself; so much to do, and see.
The National Square Dance Convention (R), the NSDC.

34) Though I personally did make, several of these things.
Memories I won't forget; the happiness, those bring.
Now working behind the scenes, not on the dance floor.
It's the workers who are part, of the hobby's core.

35) And for all the dancers, workers, there in event, ranks.
As when the dancing's over there, all say a hearty ''thanks''!!
For the hobby, all that's done...it is time, well spent.
You'll see why it is ''The World's Greatest Square Dancing Event''.

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