Receive A Free Gift -- Salvation In Jesus Christ

Receive A Free Gift -- Salvation In Jesus Christ

The Sinners Prayer
Receive God's Free Love Gift
Soar With Jesus


I'm sure you'll admit that you enjoy receiving it for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.; especially if it was something you knew you could not afford, but it was something that you greatly needed.

I'd like to tell you about a FREE GIFT that you can receive today...a Gift that was purchased for YOU a long time A Friend For Life...who knows you better than you know yourself...and who loved you so much, that He gave His Life for obtain for you...the gift of Life Everlasting. In fact, it's Heavenly...Eternal Salvation through Jesus Christ.

For those who may be thinking that clicking on the ''Get A Free Gift'' icon or related link was NOT going to be this...I want to point out that Salvation - A Free Gift To All, Who'd Receive It There. And, it is YOUR CHOICE as to whether or not you wish to do so.

If You're Offended By These Words, The Lord, He Made The Rules...NOT ME...and The True Hate Crime Committed There would be if I Betrayed you, and did NOT tell you of The Judgment that you will face When You Stand Before The Lord, so You Can't Say That You Weren't Warned; when you realize the consequences if you refuse to accept Jesus Christ As Your Lord And Saviour.

However, The Lord gave you FREE WILL, and whether you choose to ACCEPT or REJECT Him...Your Decision Will Be Honored at The Moment Of Your Death, for all Eternity. Plus, There Are No Less Days in either the joy of Heaven, The Home Of The Redeemed...or the torment of The Home Of The Damned...The Lake Of Fire...once you enter either place.

And, if the believers ON Jesus Christ...and not just IN Him, are wrong...they won't lose much when they die. But, if those who refuse God's Free Love Gift, are wrong... The Price Of Being Wrong will be far greater than they ever could pay...eternal torment in The Home Of The Damned will be where they spend Eternity.

The reason that this poetry is a WITNESS to those who have not yet repented (turned from) their sin, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour...and a MINISTRY to those who that I do NOT want my fellow man or woman to burn forever in The Lake Of Fire. Your Eternal Destiny depends on your choice.

On March 28, 1978, I was right where you are now...I was offered this FREE GIFT...and I'll admit I didn't understand it...and you may not understand it, either. But, the best way I can tell you is from one of the poems The Lord has given me, entitled ''The Sinners Prayer''.

The red background with white lettering on these pages is based on Isaiah 1:18 -- ''though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow''...all done by the Precious Blood Of The Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Sinners Prayer

''The Sinners Prayer''

Written By Daryl Stout

1) You may have heard it talked about, as The Sinners Prayer.
When a sinner comes to Christ, their life, before Him, bare.
Convicted by God's Spirit there, the pricking of their heart.
They humbly come to Jesus, to request a brand new start.

2) What exactly does one pray, in The Sinners Prayer??
To become a child of God, and in His Glory, share??
First, you must repent of sin...and by faith, believe...
That Christ is Lord, He died and rose for you, now to receive.

3) A humble, contrite spirit shown, in The Sinners Prayer;
For Christ bore your burdens, plus your sins, and all your cares.
For He left Heaven's Glory, The Lamb Of God, is He.
And shed His Blood on the Rugged Cross Of Calvary.

4) The victory gained for all mankind, in The Sinners Prayer.
For on Resurrection Morn, Satan unprepared.
For Christ's Victory over Death, plus Hell, and the Grave
And, all who'd call upon Christ's Name, in faith, they would be saved.

5) God's Love Gift there, for you, The Sinners Prayer.
When you die, eternal joy in Heaven, He's prepared.
For there's nothing you can do, to save your own life's soul.
Ask Christ to be your Saviour, Lord...give Him all control.

6) Friend, The Lord, he knows your heart, in The Sinners Prayer.
Are you going through the motions?? Or do you really care??
For when you stand before The Lord, one day before His Throne;
Will you be welcomed into Heaven, as one of His Own??

7) While The Lord will not force you, to pray The Sinners Prayer;
These words, The Lord did give to me...and I, with you, now share.
For I was where you are right now, many years ago.
And, I prayed before The Lord...His Love for me, I know.

8) The Lord wants all mankind to come, and pray The Sinners Prayer.
Eagerly before Him bow...or will you, friend, be scared??
He'll either be your Friend, when you receive Amazing Grace;
Or you will be terrified, when you see His Face.

9) For everyone who comes to Christ, with The Sinners Prayer;
Christ died for all their sins...and God's Wrath, on all these, is spared.
For God's Word is sharper, than any two edged sword.
And, one day soon, all will bow, declaring Jesus Lord.

10) The time is now, for you to come, and pray The Sinners Prayer.
God sent His Son to save your soul, as His Word declares.
For Jesus is The Truth, The Life, The Way, for all to see...
And, the only way to Heaven, through all eternity.

11) One day it will be too late, to pray The Sinners Prayer.
Christ will return, and tragically, too late then, to prepare.
King Of Kings, and Lord Of Lord, His Eyes, a Flame Of Fire.
Destroying all rejecting Him, for their sins desires.

12) The time is running short for you, to pray The Sinners Prayer.
For if you die without The Hell, you will despair.
And, curse yourself forever darkness, pain, alone.
That you spurned God's Free Love Gift, when His Truth was shown.

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Receive God's Free Love Gift

Would you like to receive this FREE GIFT today, and be sure that you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you'll go to Heaven when you die??

All you need to do is admit to God that you are a sinner...that you can NOT save that all Your Righteousness As Filthy Rags (literally bloody menstrual cloths) before The Lord. Your church, your good deeds, etc., and even baptism can NOT save your soul...ONLY what Jesus Christ did for you on The Old Rugged Cross.

Right now, come to God, just as you matter what you've done in your life...or how evil. Be willing, with His Help, to turn from the way you've lived (repent)...accepting by faith, that:

Jesus Christ, God's Only Begotten Son, left the Glory of Heaven, to be born of a Virgin, to live on Earth as a human being in all ways like us (except without sin), that He suffered and died for you on an Old Rugged Cross, that He rose from the dead on the third day, According To The Scriptures, to provide you Eternal Life, went back to Heaven to prepare a place for you, is coming back soon to Earth to reign in Power and Glory, and He wants you to rule and reign with Him.

Please DON'T DELAY your decision any longer. You could die within the next few minutes...because Tomorrow Is Promised To No One, let alone the next 5 seconds...and, After Death, Belief Too make that decision for Jesus Christ. Tragically, if you choose to reject this FREE GIFT...instead of instantly going to The Home Of The Redeemed at The Moment Of Your'll be transported to The Home Of The Damned. And, When You Stand Before The everyone will one day...instead of Him being A Friend For Life He'll be The Worst Nightmare There Faced. The Eternal Choice, YOURS.

I pray that you will make the right praying a simple prayer of ask Him to forgive your sins, to come into your life and be your personal Saviour, and the Lord of Your Life...and meaning it with all your heart. The bottom line is that You Can't Earn God's Salvation, and You Can't Fool The Lord, My He will know whether you mean this prayer sincerely...or are just Going Through The Motions.


''Lord Jesus...I admit that I'm a sinner...and I know that nothing I can do or have done will save me. Right now, just as I am...I come to you in faith...believing that You died for me, and rose again the Third Day, according to The Scriptures. I'm sorry for the way that I've lived, and I'm willing to turn from my sin. Lord Jesus, Come into my heart, forgive my me...and be the Lord of my life. By Your Grace, I will follow and obey You in all that I do. Thank You For Being My Friend For Life. In Your Name, I Pray. Amen''.

If you prayed that prayer, and REALLY MEANT IT...I can assure you that on the Authority of God's Word...that you have Eternal Life right now. All the angels of Heaven are rejoicing...and I rejoice with you...that I'll see you before the Throne Of God one day.

The best thing for you now is to spend time with God each day...just talk with Him as if you were talking to a close personal friend. After all, He is just that...He sticks closer than a brother. You can talk with him at any time, day or night, and never have to wait. Read and study His Word, the Holy baptized, worship, and fellowship with other Christians in a Church where Christ Crucified and Raised From The Dead, is preached. He will mold you into the image of His Son, little by little. And, when you mess up (sin), just confess to Him your error, and then ask and claim His Forgiveness. You don't need to confess your sins to a pastor, priest, minister, etc., as The Lord ALREADY KNOWS what you've done. Once you've done that, it's The Sea Of Forgetfulness, Where Sins Of The Saved, Lie. He promises to never leave you, or forsake you.

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