The Thunderbolt -- A Weather Wonder

The Thunderbolt -- A Weather Wonder

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I decided to change the background of the webpages of this site to solid colors, to make things a bit easier to read. A different color scheme will be in place for each of the hobby links, noted below.

This is a ''personal homepage'', NOT run as a business, but as a hobby; just as my computer bulletin board system (BBS) is.

The only way I know if you've visited the site is if the counter has changed, or if you send me Feedback.

While I personally do not have ''cookie HTML code'' on my site, other links may have cookies with them.

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My homepage details my major interests as follows:

1) Amateur Radio
2) Trains
3) Gospel Songwriting
4) Pun Humor
5) Square Dancing
6) Weather
7) Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS)
8) Unaccompanied Quartet Singing

To see a photo of me, plus view more information on each of these as they relate to yours truly, click on the Webmaster Biography link. Also, note the link to Receive A Free Gift --'ll be Eternally Grateful for what it has.

Other URLs suggested to me for sites that are related to the hobbies noted above are CHECKED BEFORE POSTING to my website. However, I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for those links. If you notice a broken link, or something inappropriate (sometimes previous domain names get snapped up by sites that you wouldn't want young children to see), please Send me Feedback...and I'll fix or remove the offending URL as soon as possible.

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NO EMAILS ORIGINATE FROM if you receive an email from '''' -- the address is SPOOFED AND BOGUS, and the email should be DELETED.

Due to severe recent spamming, I have REDUCED the ways I can be contacted. Further details are available by clicking here.

Daryl Stout, N5VLZ, Webmaster

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Other Links

Here are my hobby links, and specialized websites that I on the desired one for more information.

  • Main Homepage
  • In Loving Memory
  • Website And BBS Privacy Policy
  • Amateur Radio
  • The Cabot Nightflyers Net
  • Echolink Nets
  • Trains
  • Gospel Songwriting
  • Gospel Poetry Collection
  • Receive A Free Gift -- Salvation
  • Statement Of Faith
  • Pun Humor
  • Square Dancing
  • Arkansas State Square Dance Federation
  • Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) System Operator (Sysop)
  • What Is A BBS??
  • Unaccompanied Quartet Singing
  • Webmaster Biography
  • Weenie Dogs

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